Thursday, August 5, 2010

Old 97's, July 2010, Milwaukee WI

Right, I have come to the conclusion that I pretty much stink at blogging. I understand how a computer works, I know how to make posts, I continue to stay involved in the main subject matter of my chosen blog, but it all breaks down after the show. Without something somewhat witty to say or some breakthrough musical or emotional insight to share, I have wound up with a collection of half written entry that sits in my draft folder for 18 months. (Amy LaVere, Band of Heathens, Slobberbone...)

Now, if I tape the show and post the audio somewhere easily accessible, that's an easy post but I have tired of carrying my recording equipment to shows then spending 2 hours turning them into MP3's to post on the internet only to learn someone else has recorded the same show with better equipment from a better location (thanks Morst!)

Enter new camera. Well, enter 8 year old camera purchased from ebay. After years of really wanting a nice digital SLR camera to replace my trusty Nikon F, I finally took the plung. With minor modifications all my old Nikkor lenses are fitting on the new body and I am off and running.

First assignment, the Old 97's at the Pabst. Armed with only three lenses my first attempt of shooting in a concert setting was a struggle, but I wound up with some decent shots.

As for the concert,
it was one of the better attended shows I have seen at the Pabst in recent years. The balcony was closed down but the main floor was really filled in well. General admission made it possible for me to get up close to the stage to get some pics.

The band was really incredible. Just the 4 guys and man did they fill out the sound. Something about that machine gun/train rolling snare drum attack and the perfect blend of guitar sounds makes for an onslaught of sound that I was not convinced they would be able to achieve live. The band was not perfect. They sounded like a very well rehearsed bar band with a small mistake or missed note here or there, but that just added to the excitement and energy for m
e. The song choices were a veritable cavalcade of hits going all the way back to Hitchhike to Rhome and including at least one song from their upcoming fall release. They even threw in a cover of David Bowie's Five Years... Rhett had some trouble remembering words around the second verse, but we all got the idea.

I have a few more concerts on the calendar to wrap up the summer season and I hope to share either audio and/or photos from those show. I am feeling good that I can deliver on decent photos from shows much more consistently that I can musical insight and wit.

Up next, The Bottle Rockets and Lucero.